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Filippo Fasser, Liutaio
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1520-1724 Liutai in Brescia


The book "1520-1724 Liutai in Brescia" has been finally published, edited by Eric Blot Edizioni. A work that has no precedents, in which we can find detailed descriptions of more than 40 instruments of the following artists:

Libro Liutai in Brescia

Besides, more contents by:

Inoltre sono riportati i contributi di:

Roger Hargrave, Florian Leonhard, Guy Rabut, Philip Kass, Joseph Grubaugh

on the occasion of the Day of Study that took place during the exhibition "Gio:Paolo Maggini- Secoli di dettagli" - Brescia, 9 June - 8 July 2007

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Filippo Fasser | 22/02/2019